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“My Little Black Book of Energy” e-BOOK

Have tips and tools at your finger tips in seconds with this e-book. Bring the exercises to life by adding the Videos as well.

BioEnergetic Essentials e-book

BioEnergetic Essentials ebook English

EBook and Videos: Qi YINtegration Set 1

Qi YINtegration is an inspirational new health program, created by Complementary and Alternative Medicine Specialist Michelle Greenwell, to introduce individuals to the power of their own energy, how to cultivate Continue Reading

When Everything is RIGHT for the Little Fairy

Using the imagery of movement that comes with wings, the Little Fairy explores moving like different creatures in the garden to find the best moves. Each movement has a description that includes how it links up to the 14 Muscle Balance. In just a few short minutes the whole body can be energized and coordinated.


Videos for “My Little Black Book of Energy”

My Little Black Book Videos are a visual accompaniment to the many exercises listed in the book. These videos do not replace the instruction that can come from a workshop or class, but they can be a reminder of how the movements happen. Relax and enjoy learning new skills and building new patterns.

Video: Centering The Body

This video describes the 9 points of the feet, and demonstrates where to place the weight for the proper stance and balance. Once the “bubbling springs” position on K1 has Continue Reading

Video: English Circle Dance

The delight of this movement pattern is the ability of the participants to move in many directions. There is a challenge for front to back, side to side, and up Continue Reading

Video: Figure Eight Dancing

Flowing through the body, these exercises will realign energy and create a harmonious flow throughout. Add a few props for more fun with music.

Video: Full Hand Rub

For those people who are unable to reach their feet, who have too much pain in their feet, or who no longer have feet to work on (amputees), this is Continue Reading

Video: Feet First System Set 2

If you have been using Set 1 up to now, prepare for some great changes to strength, jump, joint mobility, flexibility and more. There are over a dozen different foot Continue Reading

Video: Meridian Sweep

The Meridian Sweep is a quick and effective way to bring energy through the Energy Circuits in the body.

Video: Neck Stretches

There are many reasons to keep the neck muscles supple and fluid. A tight neck can create challenges through the jaw, the salivary glands, the teeth, the tongue, the skull, Continue Reading

Video: Palpate The Hyoid Bone

There are many reasons for movement challenges to occur. One often overlooked, but vital to the health of the movement patterns in the body, is the Hyoid bone. This little Continue Reading


CD: Stacey On the Keyboard

This CD is full of fun and imagination. Each song has been specifically created for energy building, brain/body connection, skill building, and singing along. Great fun for boys and girls.

Song: Criss Cross, Oh My Gosh

Song 4 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
A song for all ages, this is designed to link brain and body and provide opportunities for across the body midline.

Song: Hickory Dickory Dock

Song 2 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
Bring some specific moves to an old Nursery Rhyme for integrated reflexes and coordination while singing along to the lyrics.

Song: I Can Stand Like That

Song 9 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
Dance positions from Ballet, Highland and Jazz

Song: Jacob’s Rap

Song 1 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
Bring a little Hip Hop along with rolls, spins, leaps and more for this energetic piece.

Song: Peter’s Drumming Up A Beat

Song 6 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
Enjoy exploring all the ways to use rhythm to bring dance and drumming together!

Song: Stacey’s Crazy Hat Dance

Song 7 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
Put a twist on an old favorite with simple to complex dance suggestions.

Song: Take Me Over There

Song 8 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
A travelling song that uses hops, leaps, runs and more…

Song: Twinkle Toes

Song 5 from Stacey On the Keyboard CD
For the Ballerina loving to move on tip toe!


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