Movement Made Easy with Colin MacLeod this week!

It has been such an incredible series.  If you are looking for ways to be motivated and encouraged for better posture, movement, and focus in your day, then the Movement Made Easy class is for you.  Colin will be joining us this week and creating his magic as he motivates your spine to shift and open, while your head, heart and hands find a way to open the body and change perspective.  This is all related to how we engage in the garden this spring with our footing in the dirt, our hands cultivating plants, and our passion for nature to flourish with our best interests pointed in their direction.

If you would like to register for the last class, please email before 8 pm Tuesday evening to  If you would like to purchase the series and watch the recordings with Brad Murphy, Brenda Bowen Cox, and Natascha Polomski, please take advantage of this special offer.  The series is $57.50, and an individual class is $15.

Here is a sample of previous weeks:

Bradley Murphy

Brenda Bowen Cox

Natascha Polomski


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