Public Speaking

Looking for a dynamic speaker to engage your audience right from the first word?  Look no further than Dr. Michelle Greenwell!   Michelle’s public speaking approach accounts for the energetics of the room, along with the level of enthusiasm desired from the event. Michelle uses simple short activities sprinkled throughout her presentation to energize and revitalize the audience.    When she has finished, her audience is awake, breathing deeply, engaged, and ready for the next speaker.

Here are some ways to maximize Michelle’s unique presentation style for your event:

  • Opening Keynote that sets the tone for the whole event
  • Movement activities between scheduled event sections
  • Experiential workshops to provide skills as a takeaway from the event
  • Deep dives into selected topics
  • Panel guest
  • Interviewer for a panel
  • Closing Keynote to bring a close to the event that energizes the group for their trip home
  • Availability for online and in-person
  • Podcast guest
  • Emcee

What types of presentations can be offered?

Michelle holds a very distinct and specialized position – with many ways she can approach speaking to an audience.  Her specialty is movement for well-being, and as a wellness consultant, she can speak to many topics. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Business:
    • Top 8 Easy Stress Releasers
    • Conquer the Energy Enemies in your Workday
    • Balancing Business Mastermind Weekend Retreat or 8-Week Series
  • Dance:
    • Choreography,
    • Dancer self-care,
    • Educator self-care,
    • Classroom design
    • Creative teaching methods
    • Puppetry for the classroom
    • Foot care
    • Injury prevention
    • Teamwork with staff and/or students
    • Collaborative teaching approaches
    • Touch for Health® for dancers
    • Therapeutic Touch® for families
    • Balancing business for studio owners (please see the Business section for more details)
    • Cape Breton stepdance, Cape Breton Square Sets, tap dance basics, and for wellbeing
  • Tai Chi:
    • 108 Moving meditation
    • Sabre set, Lok Hup set, Seated form of all Tai Chi sets
    • The power of the movements
    • Metaphors within the sets
    • Foundations
    • Virtues of Tai Chi
    • Tai Chi for different groups (arthritis, mental health, Parkinson’s, cancer, surgery, knee or hip replacement, foot pain, etc.)
  • Touch for Health:

Michelle is a TFH instructor with almost two decades of experience.  She can present on topics related to the Five Element Theory, Organ Systems, muscle relationships, and simple techniques for self-care.

  • BioEnergetic Essentials book presentation
  • Self-Care Essentials for Educators book presentation
  • It’s in the Cards deck – game examples and concept examples


Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck – Body and BioField explorations through color, art, affirmations, and energy concepts

  • Therapeutic Touch:

Michelle is a Foundations Instructor and Registered Practician; she is also co-author of Therapeutic Touch for Families. She can speak to parents, children, seniors, special health groups, etc. on the power of TT and support for well-being, the dying process, health recovery, and more.

  • Music of the Plants:

With her special synthesizer that can use the frequency of the plant to create music, Michelle can create a specialty program that brings the power of plants for healing into the conversation.

  • Sound Essences: A distributor for Evelyn Mulders Sound Essence Misters, Michelle can speak to the use of frequency, sound, and color for well-being. She can also support a Sound Healing session for a group and in combination with her co-presenter, Natascha Polomski, can add Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Gongs, and Hapi Drums, through a Sound Essence Bath.   
  • Herbs:
    • Michelle has an extensive background in the power of herbs through Eastern methodologies and can present on the essences of the herbs, their link to the Five Element Theory, and the Chakras.
    • With the Cape Breton Tea Company teas, especially the Teas with Intention, she can provide a tea sampling experience, as well as a full workshop with her Tea with Intention book. She can also tell tea stories and do tea leave readings
  • Trade show and Fair talks on wellness topics and mini demonstrations
  • Qualitative Research presentations
    • Master’s thesis and the power of biofeedback and empowering wellness practices.
    • Doctoral dissertation on the use of terminology in the wellness industry, and how terminology changes viewpoints and outcomes.
    • Doctoral dissertation results on the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness rebranding and focus and the relationship to Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology around the world.
  • Warmup routines for fundraising walks or running events
  • Education
    • Self-care Essentials for Educator book, excellent for teachers’ conventions, professional development days, educator support programs
    • Tai Chi for the classroom
    • Dance in the classroom day
    • Dance celebrations
    • How do you learn? How do you present? – a presentation on learning styles and kinds of delivery options for optimum impact in your presentations.

Michelle is available for retreats, conferences, symposiums, science or research-based presentations, wellness days, workshops, and lunch and learns,  in one-hour or shorter sessions.

Experience with preschoolers, elementary, middle school, high school, adults, and seniors is extensive.  Michelle is comfortable in front of small and large groups.

Price is available upon request.