Movement Made Easy with Michelle Greenwell

A weekly online class using movement to bring balance and flow to the body using both standing and sitting examples for ease of use daily. Wednesdays for 45 minutes at 12 pm Atlantic or 8 am Pacific

How do you alleviate physical pain in your body? Perhaps rest, a painkiller, or a massage?

What if I could show you how to support your own well-being with simple movement tools?

For just a few minutes a day, you can empower your well-being with activities that energize and revitalize your life.

Together we will explore such topics as:

• Energizing posture

• How to relax during the day, while engaging focus and mental clarity

• How to build leg strength, and overall flexibility

• Deep breathing for better sleep and anxiety reduction

• Support for back and neck

Registration for this event is offered on The cost for 10 weeks is $60. For those registered in the Tai Chi Cape Breton program as a current member attending, there is a 50% discount.