HUGS Parties

A special time for you and your friends to gather for fun, relaxation and healing.

The Host of the Party receives a Private Healing Session just prior to the gathering and a Healing treat at the end of the evening. Guests receive a relaxing gathering with friends, tools to take home and share, fun and friendship.

Start a HUGS Club: A group of committed friends who rotate hosting a HUGS Party as they develop their healing skills as a group. HUGS sharing is $25 per guest. 6-10 Guests per Party Contact Michelle now to book your party!

Here are the themes you can choose for your party:

Tender Tootsies
Sore feet, ankles, knees and hips? Arthritis, plantar fascitis, tight tendons? Learn how to alleviate pain and discomfort from your feet and move with confidence and ease. These techniques are easy to do and remember. You will be able to utilize them every day.

Walk With Confidence
Move with Grace. Posture, spinal alignment and power in movement will be explored using specialized kinesiology techniques to move with greater ease and coordination.

Personal Wishes
Redefine your pathway, set goals, repattern fears and find motivation to achieve your own Personal Wishes.

Simplify Stress
Open up your heart to experience each day for its glory. These simple Stress Releasers will leave you feeling lighter, successful and supported in your daily life.

Energy & Vitality
Based on the ancient use of Figure 8. Energy flows, stamina, energy and vitality tools will be put into your hands to lift your spirit and rejuvenate you.

Brain Gains
Opening up the pathways in the brain will calm, collect and clear your thoughts. These simple tools will support your passion for learning, creating and growing.

Tai Chi Connections
Dramatically improve your health and boost your energy with the ancient eastern art of Tai Chi. Improve circulation, increase lymph drainage, open the joints and improve the quality of movement in the body with these simple tools.

Internal Energy Dance
Learn how to expand the lungs capacity to use oxygen and nourish the organs, hydrate the body and treat yourself to a healing experience with the easy and unique “Inner Smile” meditation.

Finding Fluidity
Sharing dance fun together, party gatherers will play with music, movement and games to enjoy energy in motion.

Living Your Passion
Learn how to embrace the parts of your life that you are most passionate about and find a new path for making choices to help you achieve your ultimate goals.