Qi YINtegration™

Qi YINtegration Lab Classes:  Michelle offers weekly lab classes to explore the many concepts within the Qi YINtegration program.  These classes are offered in-person and online Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45 am. 

Class includes goal setting, using the Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck, It’s in the Cards deck, and movements from Tai Chi and dance. The group explores awareness of the body and the biofield through various intended applications, all with the goal of bringing balance and flow to the body and systems. Participants in the class join in with observations, intentions, and explorations they have experienced throughout the week as a result of the group balancing magnification.

The full Qi YINtegration Program has been the brainchild of Dr. Michelle Greenwell as a way to link movement and healing work in a group setting to support developing wellness plans for living and thriving with passion and attention to well-being. With 9 years of in-depth research and explorations, this program has seen hours of information compiled. 

Michelle also developed her own 5 Element Tai Chi set with sound and color, a Kundalini Rising set, and a Fan Set. With dance, she developed the Wishing Jar and has used it in performance and for supporting dancers with their own wellness plans. Dancers from preschool to adult have learned the dance with various props, including a wishing jar, candle, scarf, saber, fan, lotus flower, teddy bear, and flowers.

This program will be developed into a full retreat opportunity and a published book soon, as Michelle brings her specific protocols and experiences forward for more people to explore. Stay tuned…

Currently published is:

My Little Black Book of Energy explores Michelle’s own story of struggle and pain with dance injuries and her road to recovery through Touch for Health, dance, and Tai Chi. She shares the exercises that helped her as well as dance patterns and tai chi movements that can support various challenges within the body. There is also accompanying video footage to support your exploration of the exercises. You can find the e-book in the shop. The hard copies are sold out.

Bronze medal award winner 2018 of the Living Now Book Awards

My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration begins the postural awareness and support for taking the first steps towards understanding how stress is affecting the body. Focused on postural correction and balancing strength and flexibility within the systems in the body, Michelle wrote this book to explore one concept a week, and to dive deeper with the labs that accompany each section. There is accompanying video footage to support your exploration of the exercises.  You can find the e-book and hard copy in the shop. Michelle will offer workshops on request.


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SoulBiz: Practical Tips and Heartfelt Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Creative Souls is a compilation book that supports others in their journey by learning from the mistakes and successes of other Entrepreneurs. Michelle’s contribution to this book includes the research from her Doctoral dissertation that created the Balancing Business Formula for Success. This is a great book to read with a cup of tea, one story at a time, and take reflection time or write ideas in the margins. Michelle used this approach to develop new ideas for her programs.