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For those looking for TEA, please go to The Cape Breton Tea Company at

We have our Cape Breton Tea blends, as well as our Tea with Intention series, plus our publications. You will find recipes and food pairings in the stories section. Be sure to take a look at our links page to see where you can pick up our tea.

For our other products, we are happy to ship, please note the current prices:  Shipping from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: $10 to Halifax, $14 to Central Canada, $16 to BC and Alberta, $10 to the United States, overseas by request.

Soul Biz: Practical Tips & Heartfelt Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, & Creative Sould

This exciting book is just what you need to inspire your own creative process and to build your business or dream. With over 120 pieces shared by 75 authors, there Continue Reading

Affirmations for the Body and BioField Book

This handbook is a companion to the Affirmations for the Body and BioField Deck including the full intention information that creates the full intentional package. This book is a great Continue Reading

Self-Care Essentials for Educators Book

Have you been wondering how to keep the momentum going during the day? Have a slump in the afternoon that you just can’t pick up from? This book is filled Continue Reading

5 Element Mats French

Available in French, these mats have the same information as listed for the English. The Five Element Mats are canvas, durable prints of the Foot prints found on the 5 Continue Reading

5 Element Mats English

The Five Element Mats are canvas, durable prints of the Foot prints found on the 5 Element Wheel. Each mat contains the color of the element with the specialty artwork, Continue Reading

Affirmations for the Fascia Matrix Connections

The Fascia and the Joints share a special relationship across space and time. Their ability to work together in full resonance creates power in movement. The Spiritual Connections as well Continue Reading

Affirmations for the Fascia and the Spine

This deck is focused on the relationship that happens between the Fascia and the Spine. The chakra and extra chakra points are all identified with the qualities and essences of Continue Reading

Affirmations for the Energy Field

Also described as “Meeting the Divine”, this deck explores the frequency, essence, emotion, and connection of the chakras and the chakra connectors to the BioField. These special concepts are linked Continue Reading

Affirmations for the Spine

Combining the information from several branches of spine research, this deck includes the spiritual points for the spine with affirmations and connections. Cervical 1 – 7, Thoracic 1-12 and Lumbar Continue Reading