Conquer Energy Enemies

Conquer the Energy Enemies in your Work Day

Ready to take control of your Business Success?

An experiential online 90-minute introductory workshop for those who want to stop the pain and stress of a frantic work week.

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Ready to take control of your Life and Business Success?

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Together we will de-stress business demands and energize living well with a balanced daily plan.

Break free from old business paradigms that work only happens when you are sitting and concentrating. Together we create a holographic approach that connects well-being and business success at the same time. When your body, mind and, spirit are supported, your business activities can flourish.


  • I need to be focused. However, when i get into a project I don’t want to stop – even when my eyes scream exhaustion.
  • I wear compression socks to support my legs because my day is literally stuck to a chair.
  • My jaw is clenched all day long, even though my tooth guard is suppose to alleviate this at night. And, the tension headaches are back.
  • My eyes feel strained all day long. I no longer read before bed but stare at the television thinking I am resting my eyes with the screen further away.


I ignored the stress of my dance career because I was the studio owner. When I could no longer walk, and the pain in my feet was completely debilitating, then I had to listen to the stress signals. I had been trained to work through the pain. It was a long road to recovery. 

Don’t make. the mistakes I made, and take advantage of the tips and tools I gathered along the way. I am back dancing and enjoying Tai Chi – I am loving my energized work week!

I have personally explored depths of the tools in this program to bring you the best to Conquer the Energy Enemies in your Work Day.

I have also supported thousands of students and colleagues for over 40 years to help them realize their true potential for energy and vitality daily. 

I can help you to bring balance to your work day and wellness needs. 

The Workshop will guide you from “Energy Enemies at the Office” to…

1. I nurture my mornings to start feeling good about me.
2. I pace my work to match my energy level.
3. I set my priorities and minimize my distractions.
4.  I finish my day strong so I can enjoy my personal time.

If this is the Action you want to take for your work day…

Welcome to Balancing your Business Programs – the K.E.Y. for Entrepreneurs
Together we will “Conquer the Energy Enemies in your Work Day”

Check out what some of our Balancing Business Entrepreneurs experienced...

“…As someone who’s worked long-term with a chronic health condition, the tools in Balancing Business have helped give me a different approach to improve my energy and focus, warm me up (from being chronically cold) for work and decrease tension from working at the computer.

Dr. Michelle Greenwell’s knowledge and understanding of the connection between how the body works and how to increase its energy, function, and healing is incredible…you’re ready to start the day not groaning heading into work.  Be open to greatness. You won’t be disappointed.”
– Charlene W., B.C. Canada

“Just to be able to take a quick moment to bring my day back into balance has been so helpful.  I know that these little corrections through the day help me to not overlook the signs of stress my body is sharing.  This is something I will definitely be adding to goals for wellness going forward.”

– CM, Edinburgh, Scotland

“I knew that my dyslexia had never left me, but I had no idea how much it was affecting my ability to think, be creative, and to make quick decisions.  The addition of the Cross Crawl exercise helps me to know when the stress level has increased my dyslexic challenges and decreased my productivity, and I can balance that in a few minutes.”

– DG, Nova Scotia, Canada

Why trust the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Michelle Greenwell?

BA Psych, MSc CAM, PhD CIH (Complementary and Integrative Health) Dance, Tai Chi, Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, NeuroReflex Integration, Qi YINtegration, 4 decades as a Dance and Wellness Educator, 36 Years as a Business Owner Award Winning Author and Presenter Passionate about movement to heal the body and TEA!

Michelle has presented across 4 continents, from research symposiums to seniors homes to dance studios and conventions.  Her diverse background in dance, tai chi, and healing modalities provide her with experience with toddlers, elementary, teens, adults and seniors.  She brings this expertise to the business world where entrepreneurs have struggled to find their work/life balance and joy for living throughout the day.  Her experiential approach provides for personal experience rather than lecture style, and she can speak in person and online with ease and grace.
“Oh Michelle, I am so grateful for you.  That was phenomenal…such beautiful gracious work…I know that everyone in the room feels deeply blessed, energized, and calm.  What a beautiful session.”  Dr. MW, DC

What is the Balancing Business Secret Sauce?

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