Videos for “My Little Black Book of Energy”

Follow along with the exercises listed in the book. These videos will provide you with a visual of the details that go with each exercise. Try to do the exercise on your own so you can begin to get it into your own body. For review, watch yourself in the mirror to check stance and positioning. If you always watch the video you will never process the info through muscle memory in the body. Watch and try it, then do it on your own. Check in the mirror to see your alignment, and then review again with the video.

Please remember that these exercises you explore at your own risk. Use a mirror to make sure you have the correct alignment, work within your limits, and consult your physician or physiotherapy specialist to determine if there are any specifics you should be aware of before moving.

Patience is key to learning new skills and building a new relationship with your body. Start slow, check alignment and movement details, review using a mirror for a visual cue, and stay within your physical abilities. Coordination will come with time and experience, so have patience when you find patterns that are not so easy to work with. And, most of all, remember to smile to relax the body, and have fun!

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