AME for Greatness goes deeper into the healing process

Our goal with this presentation is to shine a light on how the team that can support you can take the guesswork out of choosing Integrative Health providers, and how to set up a schedule that maximizes your healing potential.  You can watch the video here

In this short video, Ann Smets, Einav Avni, and Michelle Greenwell, PhD. CAM, discuss the team approach that is changing the approach to complementary healing programs. We discuss the use of biofeedback to identify the priority needs of the body for healing, the pace and the facilitator that will support the best schedule. Our ability to work together provides the healee with the insights of our years of experience to shine a light on the most important details of pain points, and how to move the healee past those points. Our discovery call, plus 9 healing sessions create a long term opportunity for change that will be long lasting and self-serving. Lastly, our ability to set the intention for the healing session, as well as to help identify the true goals and aspirations beyond the release of pain or stress, completely changes the outcome of sessions, as well as the ease and flow towards new patterns, thoughts, and activities.

Are you convinced that we might be the answer to your self-care needs and your optimization of wellness programs? To learn more, book a discovery call with the team. Please direct message to, with AME in the subject line.

We do have a payment plan and we are holding our initial launch price for just a little longer.

Don’t delay, get in on the savings and the results today.

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