8 Week Mastermind

Balancing Business 8 Week Mastermind

The Balancing Business 8 Week Mastermind includes 90 minutes per week of specialty tools and supports to build your wellness plan within your workday activities.

Monday, Oct 23 – Dec 11th , 2023

Michelle Greenwell, BA Psych, MSc CAM, and Ph.D. CIH (Complementary and Integrative Health) is a movement specialist who brings stress awareness to the forefront of your day and diffuses the challenges with quick, simple tools that you can fit into meetings, project development, driving, long computer hours, posture challenges while sitting, and mental health. Her approach is unique, motivating, personalized, and effective. This program includes an exclusive 30-minute pre-course interview to prioritize your personal challenges and is followed up with a 60-minute wellness plan development session based on your goals and dreams. With special guests to support a different viewpoint on topics covered, she has your well-being at heart.


  • Stress awareness signals from the body
  • Goal setting
  • Intention within your day
  • Energizing foods and tools to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Whole body movement development
  • Dynamic sitting strategies
  • Brain integration for focus, creativity, and intuition

She realizes your true potential as an entrepreneur, professional, human being, parent, friend, and personal ally.


  • Michelle’s signature Movement Made Easy Class to help train the body to think and move differently, as well as integrate the tools from the Balancing Business Course into the day with ease quickly. (see graphic below)
  • She also provides her award-winning publication “My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration” which includes lab explorations, videos, and weekly assignments to dive deeper into your energy-building opportunities with posture awareness.
  • And this is just the start. Michelle is adding more bonuses as we get closer to class starting.

Don't Delay

This exclusive opportunity is a game changer for business success, personal satisfaction at work and at home, and for making those life changes you keep talking about, but never take action towards truly achieving. Michelle is your catalyst to be the change you have been wishing and dreaming of.

Some testimonials from Michelle’s previous class:

What people say ?

A student with chronic health issues her entire working life, finally found a way to release the tension of her challenges to calm the system, focus, and feel ready for work in the morning. She engaged in all the activities presented and attended the Movement Made Easy class each week as well. The grind of the work week halted, and the mornings became enjoyable as the body felt supported for the day.
- CW
BC, Canada
Another student with dyslexic challenges had never realized how debilitating dyslexia was. He just assumed that his challenges with focusing and being mentally alert were a regular part of the day. Once the depth of the challenges was realized and a couple of tools were added to the morning routine, his mind cleared and he found it much easier to focus on work, and to feel energetically supported through the day, naps were able to be let go.
- DG
NS, Canada
After completing the class, one student transformed his business by bringing his passions forward into the day in a much stronger way. This brought about a newfound energy for the tasks that were more challenging, and an eagerness to enjoy personal time with vitality and zest. He also found it easy to set personal fitness goals and was eager to get at them. He found new interests through collaborations with others in the class and has expanded his programming as well. -CM, Scotland
- CM
Michelle presenting for FEM Power Conference for the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

There are so many great stories and ideas generated in a group setting. Don’t go it alone. Find a great group of people and transform your business and personal well-being goals. Be sure to join the Facebook Group: The KEY for Entrepreneurs, and get your FREE Top 8 Easy Stress Releasers to get started today!

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