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Waines Publishing

Waines Publishing supports Dance Debut Inc.’s initiatives

Waines Publishing has proudly supported the self-published works of the Waines family since 2006, as well as collaborative projects in the dance, arts, and wellness industries. Visit the Dance Debut Shop for all available publications.

For those wanting to publish and need support, please email Michelle at with your inquiry.

Dance Educational Projects:

Publishing under the name, Michelle B Waines Greenwell, the first publications included four Dance Educational Teaching Manuals with Irene Widdup under the banner of “Imagine Dance,” Ships Ahoy, Under the Big Top, Dancing in the Kitchen, and the Beach Bucket of Ideas. This led to the writing of Michelle’s first children’s book, Stacey on the Keyboard, accompanied by a CD recorded with Dan Devion, or “Dan the Music Man.” This music is available in the shop, on CD Baby, and on Spotify.  Video footage from the CD launch concert can be seen on the video section of the website. The purpose of Stacey on the Keyboard is to bring acting, puppetry, and dancing to live through storytelling. Michelle went on to publish Peter on the Drums, and Stacey’s Imagination Kit with Educational Manual. Many dance presentations resulted from these publications to support creative teaching methods, as well as Puppet Power to help educators develop skills with puppets and character development. Please check out the presentation possibilities.

Health and Wellness Publications:

The K.E.Y. to Health with Energy Medicine: Kinetic Energy YINtegration was formed to create the space for the wellness programs Michelle was expanding into. My Little Black Book of Energy was written to share Michelle’s story of health challenges, and the tools and experiences she used to heal her body and integrate the ideas into dance formations and choreography.  

From there the writing for self-help books expanded into My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1 which won a Bronze Medal in 2018 from the Living Now Book Awards.  This program began the development of the Qi YINtegration series which continues to expand and will see more publications in the next few years.  

Stacey and Michelle for the launch of “Stacey on the Keyboard” and Michelle’s 40th Birthday celebrations in 2006.

Art Projects:

Interactive Art and the opportunity to expand healing concepts have been a central focus. With dance, art, music, theatre, and writing, there are many opportunities to expand wellness support. The Affirmations for the Body and the BioField deck and book are an example of bringing the Qi YINtegration work into an art platform with color, intention, and energy systems. As well as the It’s in the Cards deck, which expands art into movement, dance, yoga, and Tai Chi.

Michelle showcased an art exhibit with Tanya Levy and Paula Nowak Droog at the Inverness County Center for the Arts in 2022 and presented for Lumiere Cape Breton 2021.  Presentations that integrate the arts are possible, please check out the presentation possibilities here.

Living Now Book Awards Bronze Medal 2018.

Showcase at the Inverness County Center for the Arts in June 2022.

Video Production:

Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series was published with co-creators, Doug and Yvonne Waines, from the Wine Country Tai Chi Society. In collaboration with support from Inverness County Recreation and the Central Inverness Community Health Board, this series is available for the public to learn more about Tai Chi and engage in the simple and profound exercises possible for health recovery and proactive health care. You can find the series on YouTube

This series was recorded by Blind Mouse Media. 

Offering workshops to Tai Chi’ers across Cape Breton Island, this trio has been advancing the skills and education model for Tai Chi education with the advancement of the Seated Form as well as Lok Hup. Michelle also supports Wine Country Tai Chi Society with Tai Chi workshops yearly.