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Michelle has retired from teaching a regular weekly dance schedule for preschool and school-aged children through Inverness County. After 40 years in dance education, she is offering special workshops and sessions both online and in-person that highlight her expertise in the industry. She is sorry to disappoint those eager dancers waiting for a class, but the challenges of the pandemic have not provided a means for her to continue with the programming we all enjoyed before 2020 for specific dance genres with a yearly recital.

In the last few years, she has endeavoured to build resources, provide online opportunities, and expand her expertise in assisting those with movement and wellness challenges who can benefit from dance, Tai Chi, or special bioenergetic wellness programs from her skillset. These are being offered through sessional classes, workshops, and retreat opportunities.

The classes, events, and blog posts are updated to keep you current on the latest opportunities. If there is something you would like to explore that has not been shared, please send an email with your request. Michelle endeavours to provide support for wellness initiatives in the community wherever she can.

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