Feet First System

Change your body mechanics from the feet up!
Reduce pain, build strength, and open blocked energy.

Join the Feet First System program today to learn more about how you can impact all aspects of your life with a few simple tools applied to your feet.

The Feet First System™ Set 1 can be found on YouTube Channel.


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If there is not a workshop listed in your area, please contact me, Michelle, directly to see how The Feet First System™ can be brought to you.


What Is It?

The Feet First System™ is the result of over a decade of KEY™ Research, exploring how the feet influence the dynamics of the body and movement. From a tactile experience most people describe their feet as “coming alive”, “buzzing”, “free”, “light” and “warm”. We can observe the color changing with more circulation and we can feel the openness of the bones and joints. But there is so much more to experience.


Set 1:

We stimulate the Gait Reflexes which coordinate our synchronization of arms and legs for walking fluidly and moving in different directions. The Primary Reflexes involved in Stability, Grounding, Balance, Centering and Gravity are all stimulated and coordinated to the brain for ease of movement. The muscles are stimulated for strength-building, and the Foot Sensors are awakened for more awareness through each step. And, the spine and the muscles supporting the spine are stimulated to coordinate and open for more balanced movement through the muscles.
Performing the exercises for Set 1 takes only 60 seconds!


Set 2 :

The Feet First System™ explores deeper concepts within the body and enhances Set 1. The whole process can be completed in less than 3 minutes in total. Tapping on the “Bubbling Spring” or Kidney 1 awakens all the organ systems and energizes the body. The “Toothpaste Squeeze” brings coordination to the Foot sensors for walking straight through the foot. And, the Babinsky Reflex is stimulated to support full power through the foot with each step. There are over 14 different activities to enhance your step, power and coordination in the second set. Walking, running, sports, dance, posture, and movement in general are all greatly influenced by the powers of the Feet First System™.


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