Introducing CORAH – Center for Rural Aging and Health

Dr. Michelle Greenwell will be sharing her expertise through the CORAH programs…get ready for fun!Are you over 55 yrs and ready to lift yourself up into wellness for your golden years?  CORAH launched last week and there are so many great opportunities offered.  You can learn more here.  And, join

Global Enrichment with Tai Chi

What is a global phenomenon and what role do you play in it? As we go about our daily routines keeping the house organized, performing our jobs well, and keeping up with friends and family, we are secluded in a small nucleus of the world. Bring in meditation, Qi Gong,

Living Naturally with Michaela Jones Podcast

It was a pleasure to be a part of Michaela Jone’s podcast last month.  We covered all aspects of health in one fun interview.  Check out the podcast and be sure to sign up for a class in-person or online starting next week. Show Archive – Dr. Michelle Greenwell  

Fall Class Listings!!!

For the past few months, Dr. Michelle Greenwell has been extending her knowledge from her dissertation into program enhancements to help you with your Wellness Plan for the fall!  She is focused on releasing the stress and anxiety that our frozen postures are creating for us. For those who have