Touch For Health is a unique program based on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts, developed by Chiropractors in Applied Kinesiology, and shared with the layperson for access to proactive self-care training. The techniques shared include understanding acupuncture points, meridian energy lines, the power of the elements in nature, the empowering relationship of muscle to organ system to element, and more.  It can be used on oneself, family, and friends to balance the muscles in the body, prevent injury, gain strength and flexibility and assist in recovery.  It’s great for sports enthusiasts, those people dealing with learning or mobility difficulties, injury and recovery, sleep challenges, mental well-being, and more.

The Touch For Health system is based on 4 main principles:

  • Muscle Balancing
    • Energy pathways in the body are related to specific muscles and meridians, as well as organs. Using light-touch muscle monitoring for biofeedback, muscles that are found to release with a stressor are empowered using techniques from acupressure, massage, and Chinese meridian theory. The information freeway that passes along the meridians is accessed through an energetic feedback loop from the brain to the body through the muscle response test and this helps with prioritizing the needs of the person and their unique situation.
  •  Brain Integration
    • When we have full integrity in our brain function and awareness, we are able to expand the movement patterns in our body, as well as the connection of information from the brain to the body and back again. In Touch for Health we have points we can use to switch-on communication between the hemispheres, right and left sides of the body, whole body integration, dimensional connections for front and back, side to side, up and down, eyes, and ears. When we are integrated learning is less laborious, memory is sharpened, reading skills are opened, coordination provides for ease of movement and skill development and more.
  • Emotional Stress Release
    • The most valuable tool you can provide yourself with, is the ability to quickly and easily de-stress a situation. Stress release techniques may include emotional balancing, affirmations, visualization, massage techniques and movement exercises. Once emotions have been diffused in a situation, creative approaches to problem solving, past trauma and set patterns can be re-evaluated, and other emotions can come forward that provide a joy for living.
  • Food Sensitivity Training
    • Prioritizing our needs through biofeedback supports healthy choices for bioenergetic wellness. That is, when we make choices that drop our energy level we are doing something bioacidic. When we make choices that are bioneutral we are consuming or engaging in activities that neither give us more energy, nor take energy away. Bioenergetic choices provide us with energy boosting. Using biofeedback through awareness and muscle monitoring, we can check on food preferences, sensitivities, repetitive patterns, herbal support and more. This work can be very beneficial for children’s diets, pet’s diets, allergies, skin disturbances etc.