Personal Sessions

Are you challenged by stress, sleepless nights, limited movement, inflammation, joint pain, foot pain, stiff and sore neck or back, fear, anxiety, or low energy? 

Dr. Michelle Greenwell has personal experience with these issues and has spent the last two decades honing her skills in understanding the systems in the body and how to release the tension and pain holding you back.

A personal session with Michelle includes:

  • Goal setting and intention
  • Assessment of the pain and limitations
  • Choosing among her available wellness tools for your support
  • A re-Assessment
  • Homework

The cost per session is $125 plus applicable taxes.

Bundle your sessions and receive a 10% discount with the purchase of 5 sessions for $560 plus applicable taxes!  The value of the 5-pack is that you can set up a wellness routine to cumulatively bring you a greater impact on your healing journey.

To continue to advance the cumulative effect, it is recommended that in-person or online classes be added to further advance new movement habits and eliminate the old patterns for good. This would include Tai Chi Cape Breton classes, Qi YINtegration, Movement Made Easy, and/or Balancing Business.

It should also be noted that group gatherings magnify the goal setting and intentions such that it is the collective ambitions of the group that brings the individual along even further.

Testimonials from sessions:

“After my session with you I was feeling lighter and in harmony with myself.”
Nova Scotia
“The excruciating pain I had held in my body for years melted away in just one session. I had no idea emotions could do that to a body.”
Nova Scotia
“You are magic Miss Michelle. Even with the tools that I knew as a professional working in the healing industry, I was not able to release the level of tension that you found in my injured shoulder. You didn’t even touch my shoulder, and yet, the impact was evident with my new range of motion.”
British Columbia
“Every time we connect, I find new energy or vitality in our discussions. I always enjoy the time we have to chat and bring new ideas forward for goals and ambitions.”
“After my car-to-bike accident, you inspired me to work with the passion in my life, dancing, to assist the healing process. As I imagined myself dancing my favorite patterns, I could feel the tension release from my body, and the pain dropping substantially. I have continued to use the skills you shared with me to great success. I can now walk and dance again, and the doctors were not sure that would happen.” M.M., Ireland
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