“My Little Black Book of Energy” e-BOOK

With over 10 years of exploration and discovery behind her, Michelle has brought all of her favorite tips and tools to your fingertips. “My Little Black Book of Energy” is the story of Michelle’s journey to health as she learns how to gain strength in her feet and walk again, and then build more energy into her life. The story is full of experiences that weave through Dance, Tai Chi, Touch for Health and more. The Feet First System is a part of this journey and the tools for both Set 1 and Set 2 are explored here. Learn how to assess posture, shift emotional blocks, use dance or Tai Chi to move the body to new opportunities. If you ever thought you were “just getting older”, then think again. Michelle puts a whole new thought process in place with this book, and the words”because I can” start to lead the way.

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