Affirmations for the Body and BioField

This deck is a way to bring photographs of nature that have been artistically crafted by Tanya Levy into an intended representation of a part of the body or the biofield.  Affirmations have been added to provide a way for people to connect to their own intentions and goals, or to reflect on new ideas and ways of being.  Infused within each art piece are aspects of what the card represents which can include parts of the body, frequency, color, Chakra number, spiritual essences, and emotions.

There are many ways to use the power of this deck. Tanya Levy and Michelle Greenwell each have their own joy and love of using the deck and book with their respective other tools. A workshop with this deck can be found with Qi YINtegration or on its own with Michelle.

The images can be printed onto canvas and used for standing, sitting, or lying on. They can also be printed onto canvas and framed as artwork. Please inquire if either of these ideas are something that could support you. Drop me an email at

The Full deck (2″ x 3″) has four parts:

Affirmations for the Spine: Your Key to the Spiritual Points has an instruction card and 25 cards including Cervical 1-7, Thoracic 1-12, and Lumbar 1 and 2, as well as compilation cards for each one and an overall spine card.

Spiritual Points Complete

Affirmations for the Energy Field has an instruction card and 20 cards including 3 Kundalini, Dan Tiens, Hara Line points, Assemblage Point, Toroidal Field of the Heart, Hand and Foot Chakras, and the Auric Field layers.

Affirmations for the Fascia Matrix Connections has an instruction card and 16 cards including all the spaces in the body with joints, pelvis, throat, jaw, belt channel, and biofield space.

Affirmations for the Fascia and Spine have an instruction card and 12 cards linking the Chakras and the connectors of the spine through the fascia.

The cards can be used individually, or in combinations, and are empowered by connecting with the “It’s in the Cards” deck. 

The Affirmations for the Body and BioField Book provides the front and back covers, as well as the information infused within each piece of art.  This book is not sold as an e-book, but can be purchased as a hardcopy.  It is a great accompaniment to the deck, and can be helpful for client or group sessions when you want to dive deeper into the connections of the respective aspects on each card.

The Workshops for the deck and book are offered twice a year and includes exploring the power of affirmations, interactive art, and the depth of the information within the cards.  The one-hour introduction provides background and basic information, while the day-long workshop takes a deep dive into various protocols and applications for personal use, with clients and in groups.