Video: Feet First System Set 2

If you have been using Set 1 up to now, prepare for some great changes to strength, jump, joint mobility, flexibility and more. There are over a dozen different foot manipulations that can occur in less than a minute, that will bring more to the body than ever before. Open energy with the Kidney meridian tap, awaken the foot sensors for length of step, access one of the emotion release points by the pinky toe, stimulate the foot sensors for the side of the foot, ball and heel, utilize the injury recall technique with a good foot shake, stimulate the tissue of the lower leg and foot together, build strength and individuation in the toes, awaken the Babinsky Reflex for more power in the step and length the back of the leg. Whew! All this in one little rub. Once the sequence has been learnt, it can be completed in less than a minute per foot. Together with the Set 1 protocol, this system is dynamite for changing the feet, legs, joints, hips, back, neck and more…a full meal deal!

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