Tai Chi Wellness on YouTube

Are you looking for resources to help you learn and grow with Tai Ch?  Although it is always best to find an instructor who can support your learning, Michelle has brought together several programs to help you refine and advance your Tai Chi experience!

Michelle Greenwell YouTube Channel

You will find several playlists to explore, including the podcast, and the Tai Chi Wellness series. Be sure to subscribe to keep up on the latest video postings.

Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series is a professionally prepared series recorded with Doug and Yvonne Waines sharing their expertise about the seated form and the advancement of Tai Chi, Sabre, and Lok Hup.

Click below to view the series. 

  • Seated options provide you with a way to learn more about your movement patterns and how to re-integrate whole-body movement. Once thought that this form was only for health recovery, it actually is a great way to first learn the Tai Chi movements and understand how the spiral, stretching, and strengthening happens in the movements.
  • Sabre and Lok Hup are offered seated options. This was never done in the original teachings from Master Moy, but the Waines family has worked diligently to understand the power of the seated form and to apply it to all the sets, so everyone can enjoy them regardless of their mobility challenges.
  • Knee replacements and hip replacements can prove to be challenging if you have not been using good movement patterns prior to your surgery. Doug Waines shares his story of success with the seated form.  Learn from his own experiences and start learning the seated form before you reach surgery, so you know how to support yourself for recovery and the best of success after. CLICK HERE to check out the interview here:
  • Seated foot exercises are shared at a regular speed, but since the recording Michelle has been exploring moving much slower with the patterns and is gaining great results with posture realignment and stronger eyesight and hearing. CLICK HERE for one example of the patterns, and then you can slow them down yourself.

How does energy flow happen in the body to bring harmony to the systems and well-being to the body, mind, and spirit?  Find out the answer by watching the different explanations spread throughout the series CLICK HERE

Tai Chi Live 2020 – For those wanting to dive a little deeper, Michelle shared 108 consecutive sessions during the start of the pandemic.  You can LEARN MORE about the depths of the sets from her explorations through this series.

Special Workshop Note: Michelle is available for Tai Chi workshops related to the Moy Tai Chi form, along with her own development of the Five Element Set and Kundalini Rising – two sets created for the Qi YINtegration program. This program explores Tai Chi through energy systems in the biofield and body!