Feeling Success with Joanna Armstrong

Find your inner harmony and joy

There are many words circulating the internet these days as well as conversations about well-being. We talk about being mindful, finding our center, and breathing deeply. This is often seen as coming with a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps taking a break from work or family, or maybe being in a yoga or Tai Chi class. The time and the space to think, be present, and find calm within.

What if those moments of bliss we are looking for evaporate as soon as we get back into the activities and demands of the day? Why might the effects not be long-lasting and permanent?

Now let’s consider the talk and support around mental health. Finding tools to engage in when our stress levels get too high, or when we feel that we can no longer cope with the activities in our day. Perhaps there are repeating thoughts or scenarios that we cannot let go of. Our conscious mind wants to reason them out, control them, and eliminate them, but our subconscious mind has a safety pattern of its own. That pattern might make sense for survival, but it may not make sense for everyday activities.
This is when the tools of the wellness trade that bypass conscious reasoning become so powerful and supportive of our everyday challenges.

Our guest today, Joanna Armstrong, has been using the power of EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique for over a decade. Her assistance to clients, students, and family has provided her with a simple, effective, and long-lasting tool to bring harmony and joy back into thoughts, patterns, and daily habits. Joanna combines these techniques with joyful moments and blissful focus. What does that mean? Have a listen…
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