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I am delighted to be sharing with you Dance Debut’s latest programming to assist people restricted in movement during the day for their job, driving, or physical restrictions. In the coming weeks, you will see posts related to Balancing Business and Desk-Bound Solutions. This is all leading up to a brand new 8-week intensive workshop series to change the way people relate to their bodies based on the activities that they do repetitively throughout the day. For those people who work at a computer all day, drive for hours, or sit slouched in a chair or in a set position for work, this course will be for you.

The program will be outlined further in the coming weeks, but if you have been thinking about making changes to support better wellness practices in exercise, sleep, eating, activities, positive thoughts etc., then consider how my approach to whole body movement and brain/body engagement could accelerate your efforts with simple and easy tools.

For now, get on the mailing list to receive special emails with more tips and tools to get you started. The first is to get my Top 8 Stress Releaser handout with a graphic to put on the fridge, by your computer, or where you tend to be most sedate or with poor posture. Then, you will receive a 5 part email series with more tips. In a few more weeks you will have the launch of the special program.

Thank you for sharing with others who could benefit, considering how you might want to get out of your own rut or habits, and for taking the initiative to make a change.

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