Approach your Day with Energy Building Activity

Sitting at a computer

You can choose how to energy build all day long. Is Tai Chi your superpower at your desk?

Many of us have very sedentary lives with the use of computers daily, watching television, holding on to our phones and scrolling through posts, driving, reading, and sitting at the table. Our brains and our bodies are very powerful as a team, and they require the activity of our body to energize our organ systems which include the function of our brain. Our current approach to put the movement at some point in our day as our gift of exercise to ourselves in the name of “fitness” is an old paradigm based on the idea that “fitness” comes from a scheduled activity which is one part of our day. However, it is further from the truth.

When we move at the hips and shoulder seams we awaken our brain to the status of our body and organ systems. When we spiral our spine with turning we inspire connection with our nervous system to report function to the brain, but also to create communication amongst all the organs and tissue themselves. There is a dynamic synergy between the brain and body.

If we conduct our day in a seated position for most of the day, and then designate 30 – 60 – 90 minutes at the gym, on a walk, or in a fitness class, we provide a connection for just a short part of our 24-hour day. How will our brain provide maximum support for the incredible tasks we are completely at our desk? How do we stay awake and engaged while driving? When in your day do you exercise? Is it in the afternoon, many hours after rising and wanting optimum brain function?

Dr. Michelle Greenwell has spent the last three years with the pandemic adjustment to her work week, mostly at her desk. She has experienced first hand the changes that her day has gone through. She has also realized the incredible importance of dynamic sitting and routines of wellness that need to be sprinkled throughout the day to optimize the health and well-being of your brain and body.

In Michelle’s usual style, she has created several programs to address these sedentary challenges we face ourselves in today. She continues to offer her in-person classes of Tai Chi in Inverness and Creignish. Her depth of knowledge about the body and her passion for the Moy Tai Chi sets: Tai Chi (108), Sabre, Lok Hup and the Seated Form are shared for their full benefits in her classes. The focus is not on just learning how to do a Tai Chi set, but how to really engage the body and whole body movement to energize and nurture the systems in the body. The time spent together in movement magnifies over days and weeks. You can find the Tai Chi flyer here.

Michelle also offers an online class weekly on Wednesdays at noon, Atlantic time. Movement Made Easy is recorded and can be watched when it is convenient for your schedule. It has specific goals each week that support challenges you may be noticing in your neck, back, hips, shoulders, busy mind, sleep challenges etc. The movements are simple and profound and the recordings can support you for a long time. To enroll in her latest session you can find it on

April 29 is World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day – and Tai Chi Cape Breton has been celebrating this special gathering day for over a decade. We are planning a Qi Destination for that day and hope you will consider joining in the festivities. Stay tuned for more information.

April 18 and 20th, Tai Chi Cape Breton will be hosting Doug and Yvonne Waines from Wine Country Tai Chi for some special workshops. Classes for the club will be extended that day with Inverness being from 9 – 12pm and Creignish being from 5 – 8 pm. More details will be released soon, and non-members are welcome to join us.

A workshop is a great place to focus into technique and learning, even for beginners.

Michelle also offers a special movement and wellness class called “Qi YINtegration” on Saturday mornings as a hybrid class of in-person and online. This class has been a favorite for the locals and is expanding with its online presence. It is a change for people to have a healing session in a group setting while learning more about energy systems, function and Michelle’s signature approach to BioEnergetic Wellness through her formula for self-care. You can email Michelle at if you are interested in joining this special class.

Lastly, Michelle is launching a new set of programs with her attention to the new workplace challenges of sitting for hours at a desk. Her programs will be under the banner of “Balancing Business” and are focused on those people finding themselves in a sedentary job where the body is held in positions for long periods of time. She is looking to address the challenges of shallow breathing, decision fatigue, neck strain, eye fatigue, locked jaws, sore backs, aching feet, restless legs at night, sleep challenges, poor eating, exhausted feelings through the day, and low mood. This seems like quite the list, and you may recognize a few challenges and may even have a few more on your list of ailments. Michelle understands how our bodies are starved for movement, deep breathing, energy cultivation, and joy. She will be offering several FREE workshops at the end of the month called “Conquer your Energy Enemies in the Work Day.” This is a chance for you to experience what she can offer you in relief and viewpoint. She wants her day to be filled with dynamic sitting options that don’t add more tasks to your day, but actually accompany your day with ease. You can register at the link here with

If you enjoy the class and feel that Michelle’s skills could really change the way you provide self-care and well-being to yourself all day long, then consider her dynamic and empowering 8 week program that will completely transform your work day and provide you with skills and tools to enjoy a fulfilling and energizing day, every day. This program is called “Balancing Business 8 Week Mastermind.” It is designed to provide hands-on tools to instantly transform your day. You will learn more in the coming weeks as Michelle shares highlights with you. Here is the link to register for the Mastermind. Included with this Mastermind is the Movement Made Easy class. This dynamic combination gets your activating your nest business day in minutes. And, stay tuned for more bonus offers from leading experts in the wellness industry who have partnered with Michelle for this program.

Feeling empowered with the options available to you through the Dance Debut programs? Well, now, take the time to read this special blogpost shared by Tai Chi Basics. Meditation is a part of Michelle’s programs, but not in the usual way. She is a part of the Moving Meditation followers who realize that after sitting all day, your body is starved for movement, not more sitting. By participating in Tai Chi patterns you can create the states described in meditation for being centered, deep breathing, calming the mind, grounding and of course, all with stretching, strengthening and turning to re-engage the language of communication within the body. A full package ready for you to discover and play!

To learn more about Meditation styles and how Tai Chi can play a significant role in your meditation practice with whole body movement as a significant part of the program please check out the Tai Chi Basics blogpost here.

Ready to change the way you live and energize daily? Invest in your future by creating positive and empowering patterns of self-care throughout your day.

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