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A Month of Fun with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

https://app.mobilecause.com/e/HSZPBQ?vid=jg9t7 It has been a pleasure to have spent the better part of the new year creating new programming to support Social and Emotional Learning tools through dance and tai chi. Tonight is the launch of some of this material in a special program for the Choose Love Movement. joining

Touch for Health podcast on Be Well with Michelle Greenwell

https://www.buzzsprout.com/1392208/8646301-the-power-within-the-touch-for-health-system-with-greg-webb.mp3?download=true What a delight to spend some time with my mentor and Touch for Health instructor, Greg Webb. Pictured here offering a Touch for Health balance with Cindy Aldred, this system transformed my life and the lives of family and friends as the years have gone by. Dancers have benefitted

We are expanding programs this month!

Please follow the link to register for some incredible programs this month. We are starting with Tap and Tea Tuesday tomorrow and all month, Tai Chi Wellness on Fridays all month, National Health and Fitness Day with a special event: My Heart Does a Little Dance, Men’s Health Week Webinar

Take the Path less Travelled and Shake up your Views with Victoria Piersig

https://www.buzzsprout.com/1392208/8540810 “Be Well with Michelle Greenwell” Season 1 – Episode 7 explores the passion and resiliency of a new resident to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Victoria’s photography and art explorations have been developing with the Legacy Project she is currently working on for the Arts Sector of Cape Breton with

Qi YINtegration 6 Pack

6 weeks, 6 Exploratory classes to gain more knowledge in Muscle Monitoring, Goal Setting, and Powerful Movement combinations to change the energy flow in the body, and create new possibilities for movement and dream building! Join in the fun of these special sessions. We are to the juiciest part of

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