Affirmations for the Fascia Matrix Connections

Your Key to the Spiritual Points to Enhance your Energy Circuits

The Fascia and the Joints share a special relationship across space and time. Their ability to work together in full resonance creates power in movement. The Spiritual Connections as well as the reflection on movement with the affirmations create a complete package for opening and expanding in awareness and movement. The photography and incredible artwork of Tanya Levy supports the vision and intentions created.

You can choose a card, read the affirmation, gaze upon the photo and set your intention for wellness and dreams. You can use the cards in a wellness spread, or choose a card for the day and keep it in your pocket, in your journal, on your desk, or in your car. Anywhere you will be able to see the photo and reflect on the affirmation. Activities of movement are offered in workshops to help you get more out of your card deck.

This package is 1 of 4 decks. Each deck is sold separately as well, or you can have the full deck with all the special connections engaged.

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