Holiday Gratitude

“Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.”

                     Kris Kringle

         “A Miracle on 42nd Street”

What a year this has been! I am sure you have felt the tug of perfection, the hurriedness of lists and expectations, and the desire to be good at all that you do. Somewhere deep inside we continue to strive to be the best we can be despite some incredible challenges, global hardships, and pinching in our pockets. We are all troopers for staying the course and finding the light in the shadows.

I have been reflecting on my theme for 2023, “collaboration.” Just the fact that I am writing to you now means that we have collaborated in some way this past year as you are a part of a very important community in my world. In all the activities that I have participated in, gaining insights and expertise from others, as well as engaging in healing sessions and group empowerment has been at the forefront.

As I look towards 2024 and the Year of the Green Dragon, I am grateful for the White Rabbit and the power of yin and spring to rejuvenate and renew. It does feel like a bit of an incubation and reflection time as the energy and vitality was restored. As we move into the yang energy of the dragon, we are reminded of our strength and resiliency, as well as our steadfastness and harmony with nature.

I wish you great times with family and friends, as well as some time to honour and acknowledge your contributions to others this year. You make a difference, you are important to this community and others, and your love and compassion for others shines a light for others to be seen and inspired.

Thank you for all that you do, and all that you strive to support. Best wishes for a beautiful holiday season, and the best as you look towards 2024!


At Dance Debut this year…

The dance programs shifted after the pandemic. This year’s classes have included online tap dance and stepdance for adults and teens. I shared some fun times with the Bayview Day Care in the Toddler and Three-Year-Old rooms. This fall we added the After School Program. It is a delight to be asked to do square sets and jig steps by all ages. This fall we also expanded the Movement Made Easy online class to include foot percussion.

On tour in Alberta, I was able to support dancers at Footworks Dance Academy with their acrobatic and aerial skills by combining dance and bioenergetic wellness techniques, as well as release stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue.

It is a dream come true to be finding wellness tools for dancers.

In 2024, a collaboration with Tanya Levy, intuitive artist, and Colin MacLeod, intuitive fiddler, will bring a program forward to “unwind trauma” with dance patterns and energy tools. As well, the online stepdance and tap dance classes will continue, and an expansion of the Movement Made Easy class.


At the Cape Breton Tea Company…

Gratitude to all the storefronts who brought our specialty blends into their establishments this year. What joy to see people learning and growing with their tea experience. Your dedication to introducing the proper way to prepare the tea, use the intentions, and to create cold beverages, baking, and special drinks has been inspiring.

Tea has traveled across Cape Breton Island, across Canada, into the US, and even toured Scotland and Ireland. Our Mission4Change CommuniTEA blend has supported 23 members of the Moyo family in Malawi, and provided Grace Pad kits for all the women, emergency health support, and shelter supplies with these purchases.

Thank you for your vision to bring love and joy to others through the tea created at the Cape Breton Tea Company. Boasting over 35 tea blends, be sure to check the shop, stories, and links sections on the website to learn more about where you can find the tea, how you can play with tea, and which blends are ready for sharing.


Tai Chi, Qi YINtegration, and Tai Chi Cape Breton…

Wow, wow, wow! Tai Chi has been supporting and growing in many areas this year. Although Tai Chi Cape Breton has reduced to two collective areas on the island, we continue to support people from across the causeway, to Bras D’Or, to Terre Noire, and all points in between.

Tai Chi Cape Breton will call the Inverary Manor home for the winter of 2024, with class on Mondays from 9 – 11 am. With seated and standing instruction, it continues to develop skills with Tai Chi, Sabre, and Lok Hup. On Thursday evenings, with incredible sunsets, the Creignish Hall supports our practice from 6:30 – 8 pm. We are enjoying Tai Chi, Sabre, and Part 1 of Lok Hup. Beginners are welcome anytime.

CORAH, the Center for Rural Aging and Health at NSCC, Port Hawkesbury, introduced Tai Chi as one of their programs in September. With 23 people showing an interest in the introductory class, we have a strong following to take us into 2024. The class will begin on Fri. Jan 26th from 10 – 11 am. This is a great way to learn more about Tai Chi, but also a wonderful way to reduce pain, gain strength and flexibility, and support great sleeping patterns. It was a delight this year to see faces light up and the energy expands posture as we learned the basics of Tai Chi concepts and whole-body movement.

In January, Judique is host to a research project with Cape Breton University for dementia prevention. Tai Chi will be a part of this program and will begin on Thurs. Jan 25th from 1 – 2 pm with class in-person bi-weekly, and online the alternative weeks. A great project to be a part of, if you live in the area.

Qi YINtegration has been mostly online this year, although in-person is an option. This is a course that does a deep dive into energy medicine with Tai Chi movement at its core. This year we explored more with the Affirmation for the Body and BioField card deck, as well as the It’s in the Cards deck (both found in the shop at We added the CommuniTEA to our fall session to help us develop a more community-minded connection to our explorations, and we took a deep dive into goal setting, from the humble beginnings of Touch for Health to the depths of the auric field, the Hara Line, and the archangels. The next session for this class will begin in February with a deep dive into the endocrine system through energy medicine and movement.


Waines Publishing…

The Affirmations for the Body and BioField Deck, as well as the It’s in the Cards Deck, have been top sellers this year. If you have not added them to your self-care plans, you are missing out on some simple and powerful ways to bring energy and vitality to your day.

In 2024 we have several new projects on the horizon, as well as some new publications by other authors. It is an exciting time to be supporting other wellness businesses with developing their products.

Our shop is getting a face lift in the coming months, so stay tuned… as well as for the latest releases.


The Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell Podcast…

What a year this has been with the podcast. I hope you have taken some time to relax and listen to a few episodes. We have been releasing one podcast a week and are entering into the 40th episode for this season. We have explored mindset, nutrition, feet, energy vampires, astrology for 2024, self-care, and grief, a wide range of topics to inspire new ways of thinking. Click the links below to check out the list for your relaxed listening and wellness plan support.


2024 has new programming on the horizon…

As you prepare to bring in the best for 2024, know that we have been working hard to put together supportive Integrative Health opportunities for you. Watch for our next newsletter with all the details…

Wishing you a joyous holiday season with family and friends surrounding you with love. For 2024, may health, adventure, fun, humour, and optimism sprinkle magic into your days.

All the best,

Dr. Michelle Greenwell

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