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Qi YINtegration – Self-Care focused on energy building!

Qi YINtegration was born out of the creative conversations in Tai Chi class and the energy-enhancing self-care tools from Touch for Health. Today this program has been expanded to include over 14 different classes and areas of expertise and exploration. Since the pandemic, Michelle has been working tirelessly to create

Qi Destination: The Glenora Distillery Sept 1

Ready for some fun with Tai Chi this fall? We are starting our Qi Destination series at the Glenora Distillery on September 1 at noon. To register for the event, please go to the Eventbrite link and let us know your intent. This fall, there are many ways to

Movement Made Easy with Michelle Greenwell

By request, Michelle will be offering this special movement class online for those who would like an additional class to their regular Tai Chi schedule, or for those who are looking to energize and re-vitalize their daily self-care habits. Whatever your goal, Michelle is ready to support your journey by

Tai Chi and Injury Prevention

Empower YOU with Tai Chi for Injury Prevention One of our regular mindsets is to do an activity with the same vigor that we have always done it. The question is, do you have the same strength, flexibility, or skill as the last time that you did that activity? Gardening,