Hydration and Lymph Flow Increased through Specialized Movement

Our second week of Movement Made Easy focused on hydration and lymph flow through movement. With the amazing harp music by Brenda Bowen Cox, we explored how to move fluid up and down the spine as well as massage the kidneys and adrenal glands to support their function. It was quite the class today. You can still register and get the recordings for the 8-week session, so you too can balance and bring energy to your day. What are you waiting for? We would love to see you. The link is in the comment section to register for one class or the whole session.

Together we inspire healing and moving with joy!

From Touch for Health we tested for de-hydration, then rubbed the water point on the belly to increase the water flow to the organ systems. We followed this with the Neurovascular Holding Points in a Shen Cycle to increase lymph flow through the body and destress the system. From there we looked at transforming emotional blocks with simple actions and then into some of my favorite moves from Lok Hup: Flowers and Leaves Falling, Water Rises High in the Mountain, and Wind Moves Floating Ripples – don’t these phrases sound fabulous on their own? We also rubbed the kidneys with extra qi and did a little more with spine rotation.

When I am asked what is Dance Debut all about, I am thrilled to say that we create healing opportunities through directed movement. It is so delightful to remove pain and tension, and calm emotions with simple movement patterns. The music of the harp brings the dance right into the body with such ease and flow.

Are you ready to join us? You can register on Eventbrite for one class or the full session and all the recordings.

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