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The K.E.Y. Meridian Sweep: All Dressed Up

As part of our dance class this season we have been using more of the meridian sweep as a way to open the meridians and find full muscle strength before dancing.  Enjoy this little memory jogger to go with the moves. The K.E.Y. Meridian Sweep Dressed Up

Finding your Pakua and Centering your Focus

Finding your Pakua and Centering your Focus When we first learn Tai Chi with the Moy form, we focus on turning to square the hips.  Our structural focus is to try and turn the body to be square in position.  However, once we have learnt what square might be, there

Innate Matrix Memory update

Every day is such a pleasure to share and grow with all the beautiful people that I have the opportunity to meet and get to know.  This past week had several wonderful learning opportunities through the Qi YINtegration Set 7 group, the Qualitative Research Methods Conference (IIQM), and my clients