Touch for Health podcast on Be Well with Michelle Greenwell

What a delight to spend some time with my mentor and Touch for Health instructor, Greg Webb. Pictured here offering a Touch for Health balance with Cindy Aldred, this system transformed my life and the lives of family and friends as the years have gone by. Dancers have benefitted from the tools as well as I have implemented them into my own teaching and mentoring. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and if you find it speaks of info that someone else could benefit from, please pass it forward! #touchforhealth#bioenergeticwellness#wellness#musclemonitoring#biofeedback#selfcare#energyandvitality#balance#muscles#gratitude

Providing a Touch for Health balance to Cynthia Aldred. We had a couple of days together as we prepared for the CanBeWell AGM in 2019. What a great group of friends to hang around with and learn with.

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