A Month of Fun with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement


It has been a pleasure to have spent the better part of the new year creating new programming to support Social and Emotional Learning tools through dance and tai chi. Tonight is the launch of some of this material in a special program for the Choose Love Movement. joining with the amazing talents of Paula Nowak Droog of www.learninginfinitepossibilities.com, we have brought forward a way to bring energy tools into play and fun activities.

Taking time for our own self-care and our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is a privilege to do. When we are grateful for a healthy life, where we are engaging all things promoting love and connection, we have the possibility to transform challenges with our courage to be more. We can forgive our own actions away from this goal, as well as forgive others who also hinder our progress as well as their own. And with all of this we have the ability to bring compassion to ourselves and our wellbeing, as well as to others to support them to wellness. This is the Choose Love Formula, and it is a powerful way to be, to act and to engage with others.

The start of my project began with special intention paintings created by my very talented son and daughter in law. They tap danced a series of 5 Element paintings infused with layers of music, special messages and their love for the arts. These paintings have inspired other projects and become the center focus for the tools tonight. The paintings were placed into foot patterns for a 5 Element Wheel. This wheel can be stepped into going around in a circle from element to element. This is known as the “Shen Cycle” in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is a nurturing way to bring flow to the systems of the body, mind and spirit. We can also step onto the feet making the shape of a star as we step from color to color following the path you would make to draw a star. This cycle is known as the “Ko cycle” and is a way to create or enhance what is imagined, or as a way to let go of or destroy patterns that are not helping us towards our vision. For the Choose Love Movement this has been combined with sign language for the Choose Love Formula.

Also a part of the program tonight is the power of music and tap dance. Near and dear to my heart is the knowledge that we can just touch points on the body, or hold spots on the head, or sweep a line above the body and the electrical reaction of the body is to bring balance and flow back to the systems. Those who have knowledge of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique would recognize that energy and vitality can be shifted by tapping some points on the face and upper body. With a picture of wellness, an intention, and deep breathing, the body is brought into flow. The Tapping Solution has supported the Choose Love Movement and been there providing assistance for people to learn the tapping techniques and make them a daily activity for wellness.

I have taken those same points and brought similar concepts into play with my love of feet and tap dancing. Tonight I will share the “Fruit Salad” which was taught to me by Jeannie Hill from another creative tap dancer. As we tap and step we will be engaging the postural reflexes for grounding, centering, stability, gravity and balance. This is a profound list, but there is more. The ball of the foot or the “bubbling spring” is our fountain of youth where we engage all the systems to fill with vitality. Then we have each toe and energy line that passes through the foot that supports the power of our systems to be in flow and balance. These systems include stomach, spleen, bladder, kidney, gall bladder and liver. Add some fantastic music and we are engaged in a full package of energy and support. Tonight we will be featuring the music of Joanie Bartels with “My Heart Does a Little Dance” and “A Little Polka”. The 1-2-3 pattern of a waltz or a polka is a calming rhythm for our system and we will bring in the message of joy in dance and love, as well as moving as a group.

These are the tools that I will be sharing, and then Paula will be bringing her passion for movement and energy tools by providing sequences of positions to hold or sweep that provide calmness and stability to the body and to our emotions. Paula has a Master degree in Education Curriculum building and her background is in physical literacy and development. She has training similar to my own in Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch and Brain Gym, as well as her study of Reflexology and Eden Energy Methods. Together we have had a blast bringing forward our favorite tools to create the evening events.

We hope you will click on the link at the start of this blog post and join us all month as we share tools and opportunities for all. Jesse Lewis left a message for his older brother on his last day before the Sandy Hook School shootings. He wanted him to remember to have fun. And that we will be doing all month in honor of his insight to guide all of us to be better with nurturing healing love. The Choose Love Formula is now in 111 countries and has been taught to over 2 million children world wide. Together we can make a difference. Together we have the opportunity to Choose Love. Please join us!

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