We are expanding programs this month!

Please follow the link to register for some incredible programs this month. We are starting with Tap and Tea Tuesday tomorrow and all month, Tai Chi Wellness on Fridays all month, National Health and Fitness Day with a special event: My Heart Does a Little Dance, Men’s Health Week Webinar – 2 in fact, then Raising BioEnergetic Awareness, a special Choose Love Meditation, a new tea launch and windup party! All in one month. The posters will be going up this week to keep you informed, but just know that there are lots of options for finding a way to be supported, in a community, with energy enhancing opportunities and some great fun! Did I mention a new tea blend? We have been busy! Here is the registration link to sign up with the Choose Love Movement for many of the events. And, I will keep you updated!


This week…

Don’t register on the tea website, but use the link for Choose Love shared above this picture!
Rather than go to Facebook this month, we will be using zoom and having our own special gathering through Choose Love! Be sure to use the link above the pictures to register for your zoom link.
This is a FREE event and you can register at canbewell.org/events
To register for this one, please go to CanBeWell.org/events! CanBeWell members are free and the public just need to make a minimal donation of $15.
This is a FREE event, and you can register at canbewell.org/events

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