Tea with Intention Book Launch

Just over 3  years ago Natascha Polomski and I began playing with one of our passions…tea!  We explored the idea of having tea blends that would support one of the 5 Elements:  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  Using the essences of the Herbs that we had learned about with Evelyn Mulders and in her book: “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and the Five Element Theory,” we matched up chosen tea blends to the Elements.  Then we began to explore the full power of intention.  And, over the course of the next two years we researched into the power of intention and the scientific findings of how people could change their life with directed intention.  We infused this into our teas and into the protocols for balancing the energy systems in the body.  Over the last year we have been attending Trade Shows and Expos to share our tea passion with others.  And, this past Tuesday we were able to present our protocols and findings in a webinar experience with the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology.  This was the pivotal point for us, as we were able to bring our ideas into a clear focus with specific protocols and techniques.  And, our Tea book was born…”Tea with Intention”.  In our book we have included the science of intention, the art of muscle testing, the protocols and charts associated with using our system for balancing the energy of the body, as well as recipes and activities to explore with tea.  It is a full experience all packed into one special little cup!

We have put several packages together to share our tea passion.  For Touch for Health Instructors, there is an entire workshop series that can be used to help students in Touch for Health to practice Muscle Testing, 5 Element Theory, Time of Day balancing, Color and more.  This is a great way to introduce students to TFH and to the concepts listed above, and it is a unique way to bring about practice sessions to secure the information learned in TFH.

For those passionate about drinking tea, we have a special way to choose blends based on what the body needs.  You can also develop a pattern for drinking that will optimize energy and vitality.  We have intentions, goal setting, and thoughts to ponder that can change the way you are approaching a situation or striving for that goal.

We invite you to take a look at the products in the shop.  There are 7 tea blends, an E-Book, a Hardcover Book, Charts, Balance Sheets and more as parts of the packages.  If you are not sure what you need, send an email and we can muscle test together to see what your body might want to indicate as important.

We will have several launching dates to share our new book and protocols, so please follow the website and the facebook page: Intend2RaeD8.  We would love to share this in person with you too!  First stop, Tatamagouche on April 25th…stay tuned!

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