When do you take responsibility for your health and well being?

It is Easter and a chance to look at renewal and rejuvenation from all that has come before.  And, I am challenged by how we got to the place in life where we feel that other people are responsible for our wellbeing as a healthy and energetic human being.  When did we give our power over to others and why do we not see the flaw in our plan to be healthy through the efforts of  everyone else but ourselves?

I was reflecting on how we added a QiFi machine to minimize the harmful effects of EMF or Electromagnetic Frequencies that bombard us daily.  We have protected a two-kilometer radius around our house.  How do I know that it works?  I know that we are able to focus, sleep well, remain organized and together with our work projects, and on top of the household chores, this with minimal effort really.  And, I really notice it in our plants.  In the past I have not been able to keep plants going through the winter and it was a sad state of green in our house.  This year we have the most incredible geranium plants ever, as well as basil, parsley and rosemary.  The Aloe Vera plant just keeps getting bigger and the Orchid has been in almost constant bloom.  Have I done anything different?   I have watered them more diligently, I have talked to them, and overall, I have left them to do their own thing.  So, how did they end up thriving?  How do we thrive?

This led me to reflect on how we take care of plants overall.  When it droops, brown or hardens, we look, water, talk, fertilize, send love, give it sun, repot it and change its light and location.  That is, we try all the tricks of the trade to bring that plant back to life.  Now, what do we do if we are not feeling our best and we have aches and complaints.  We try to minimize the symptom.  That is, instead of trying to determine the cause of the pain, we just try to dull it or eliminate.  How do we do this…take a pill.  Why is it that we do not take care of ourselves the same we take care of plants?  Do we really know what makes us flourish as a human being?

If you go to the doctor for an answer, you are seeking medical advice and they are qualified to supply you with a medicinal approach or a surgical approach, unless they send you for psychiatric care.  So, what if there is no answer in the medical model?  What do you do then?  Do you go to the dentist to see what they might be able to help you with?  Or the Optometrist?  When do you ask yourself what is causing your pain or challenge?  When do you expect yourself to change what you are doing to support your health and your body?  How do you know what to change?  Who do you know who can provide you with health care advice?  Who knows about the signals of the body and what they mean?

These are all big questions, but important ones.  If we are responsible for our own health care, then how do we do it and when do we start?

Enter, the Qi YINtegration program.  This program takes you back to the basics.  What kind of posture do you have?  Are you supporting yourself through your posture or are you sabotaging yourself at your desk, in your car, at the television?  How do you sit?  How do you stand?  Where is your tension?  How do you breathe?  These are all simple questions really, but do you have an answer for them?  A favorite is the stairs…who really knows how to properly go up and down the stairs?  Why do you use your arms to pull you up, rather than the strength of your big leg muscles?  Why do you look down to see if your body is doing its job, can’t you feel it?

The Qi YINtegration program leads through these very simple questions and helps you to navigate the first steps towards assisting yourself with your health care needs.  It also introduces you to muscle testing, and this is the best technique ever for finding out what you need and when.  Lastly, the Innate Matrix Memory releases the emotions of old injuries so that true healing can begin to happen.  So, what are you waiting for?  Someone to take your hand and lead you to the tools?  This is your job!  It is up to you.  I have built the tools for you…now you must take yourself to them.  Check out the E-Book, the Hardcover book for holding the papers in your hand and recording your observations, and then follow the videos.  11 Videos to illustrate all the skills that will get you moving towards a healthy lifestyle with positive postural choices.  You can find all of this on the website store at www.dancedebut.com.  “My Little Black Book of Qi:  Qi YINtegration Set 1” is the plan to bring you back into your body for personal health and growth.  If you are wanting to dive deeper, consider the first book: “My Little Black Book of Energy” which has more exercises and ideas to share, plus additional video footage to go with it.

Enjoy your journey with health…it is our special treat for yourself with yourself!


Michelle Greenwell

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