Stepdance this summer in Mabou!

Join Melody Cameron this July for her second year with the Cape Breton Stepdance School.  Last year’s incredible experience surpassed anything I had experienced in all my years of training with some of the best in the world of tap and jazz, as well as dance education.  There were many levels to the learning – beyond beginner and advanced steps, and of course, the incredible meld of music, language and dance to bring a full understanding to how stepdance has fed our spirit for generations.

This year Melody has the experience of some of the islands top stepdancers, but she also has added Mary Janet MacDonald and Minnie MacMaster.  These two legends have a wealth of knowledge to share with us over their two careers as performers, instructors, and advocates.  Mary Janet was part of the team that went back to Scotland to share the steps that had been lost to them and pocketed on our little island.

If you plan on coming to Cape Breton, don’t delay…there are only a few spots left and we would love to see you join us!  If you live in Cape Breton and want to experience an uplifting week of dance, don’t miss what your home has to offer in world class instruction!

See you on the dance floor!

School of Cape Breton Step Dance 2018

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