Special Edition Podcast: Balancing the 7 Chakras with Colin MacLeod

Explore the power of music and movement with this special balancing session

Balancing the 7 Chakras session came out of an amazing discussion with Colin MacLeod, www.celticfiddleguru.com, about how the Chakras support our energy and vitality and the way that music and movement can play with their energy. In the book, Affirmations for the Body and Biofield, (which can be found in the shop), we created space for each Chakra to shine with its own unique qualities. Colin and I played with the interactive art found on the Chakra card from the Affirmation deck of the same name, (also in the shop), as well as the affirmation that accompanies the cards. Colin brought in his intuitive fiddle expertise to bring music in the key of the chakra and linked that to the full scale that harmonizes the spine. I explore movement with the music to bring a way to release tension and breath to create whole body connection for supporting the chakras further as they support the body and the spine.

For this special podcast/vodcast session, be sure to leave time to explore one Chakra at a time, or all together at one listening. If you need to see the movement, be sure to go to the vodcast for the visual aspects on the YouTube Channel.

For the podcast version, you can find it here.

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Please find the description of the episode below:

This is a special edition of the Be Well with Michelle Greenwell podcast, with Celtic Fiddle Guru, Colin MacLeod. Today we are exploring the essences of the Chakras through a conversation about the depth of each of the seven chakras as well as the frequency, note, and music that can inspire opening and repair to the area of the spine corresponding to the notes and music played.

Michelle’s program, Qi YINtegration, has explored many aspects of the Chakras, from emotional, spiritual, and physical viewpoints. This has included the shape and spin of each chakra, associated colors, frequency, emotional and spiritual essences, and connection to the Hara Line, Kundalini, Organ Systems, muscles, circulation, and more. Across 16 modules, this program has been very in-depth into how movement can support the aspects of the chakras and that relates to well-being.

In 2021, Michelle collaborated with the counselor and interactive artist, Tanya Levy, to create 4 decks related to the spine, the spine and fascia, the biofield (or auric field), and the spaces within the joints. Tanya’s photography art was used for each aspect of an idea or structure (like hand and foot chakras, kundalini, wrist joint, Thoracic spine point, etc.), and infused with the ideas explored in the Qi YINtegration program. Affirmations were added to each card to create a package for the exploration of goal and intention setting, card reading, and empowering art for daily support. This deck is known as the Affirmations for the Body and BioField and has a corresponding book with the intentions that were infused into the art.

This knowledge and explorations create the conversation that Michelle and Colin explore as they weave through the aspects of the spine and chakras. Colin’s knowledge of music, frequency, and tone provides a beautiful concert while Michelle shares movement patterns to enhance how the music can transform the body and bring relaxation and openness. This is a wonderful recording that you can return to when you are ready to pamper your body, mind, or spirit with some music and movement.

If you enjoy this special episode, we invite you to share it with others and pass on the love and healing that is possible. You can learn more about Colin at www.celticfiddleguru.com where Colin shares music, training, and tours of Scotland through the Chakras. To order the card deck and/or book, please go to the shop at www.dancedebut.com. To learn more about Tanya’s work, please check out HeartLadyInspiration.com or Heartlady on Facebook. Michelle has also been offering Movement Made Easy classes which are recorded for easy viewing when it is convenient. Colin has been a guest on the program offering music to the easy movement patterns. You can find registration for this program on Eventbrite.ca.

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