Introducing Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Specializing in Movement, Michelle is a BioEnergetic Wellness Facilitator

It is official. As of February 24, 2023, Michelle has completed her requirements for a doctoral degree from Akamai University in Complementary and Integrative Health or CIH. Her studies have included analyzing and supporting a transition from the term Specialized Kinesiology to BioEnergetic Wellness and the expansion of programming that results from a name change. Her vision explored several publications which you can find in the shop through books and card decks, as well as two University level courses: Raising BioEnergetic Awareness which she co-authored with Natascha Polomski.

Michelle’s expertise is in the understanding of movement for well-being and the awareness we can gain from the signals our body is sharing. Her unique approach has brought clinical work into a layman’s program that provides for personalized self-care and support through facilitation programs one-on-one, in a group setting, as well as in presentations at both an academic and business level.

Currently, Michelle shares this expanded knowledge through her Movement Made Easy class online, Tai Chi, dance, Touch for Health, and her signature Qi YINtegration program which explores the entire biofield and body. She has created a Five Element Tai Chi set, as well as a movement pattern for Kundalini empowerment, and specializes in both seated and standing forms of movement opportunities.

Stay tuned as Michelle expands her podcast programming, YouTube presentations, and professional presentations, as well as her down-to-earth movement classes that leave her patrons energized and mobilized for optimum well-being.

Nine years of post-graduate in-depth studying, Michelle is the recipient of a BA Psych (’88) from the University of Calgary, a Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Dynamics (’15), MSc CAM (’19) from Akamai University, and Ph.D. CIH (’23) from Akamai University.

If you haven’t had a private session from Michelle to explore her in-depth approach to self-empowerment and energy activation for your goals and dreams, or participated in one of her movement classes, be sure to reach out and get to know her work. Your self-care could be in your hands and activated with just a few moments with her programs.

Her resources are compiled here for easy access:

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