Sparking new ideas? Or creating change together!

Hearing other peoples thoughts are key to our growing and expanding with our ideas. It is also imperative to consider when we think about helping those in need of our help.

When we hear that someone is sick or dying, we often feel sadness, helpless, guilty, have regrets. These thoughts can be transferred to those we love and have had as friends for years. Will these thoughts and actions be in their best interest now? If we reach out to them with compassion for aiding their suffering, if we consider an act of gratitude for all the time and care that we have shared in our relationship together, we can find love, we can find joy, we can find laughter. Which thoughts would you prefer to be sharing with the one who needs you now?

And, what phrases can we use that will be a mantra of care for our family and friends that produce positive thoughts? I am attaching a poster that we have hanging in our family houses to support our family member today. Together we are supporting the healing research that Lynne McTaggart has written about in other blogs.

As family and friends are striving to heal from COVID-19, we can support them with creating posters of our own and creating a team of 8 to repeat these phrases at the same time each day. Our family has chosen first thing in the morning and before bed.

As we share our Easter traditions in new ways this weekend, perhaps we can also consider new ways to support those in need with thoughts of empowerment that invoke the innate healing potential within.

Happy Easter and thanks for being a strong voice for Wellness in our world!

We have one poster for us, and one poster for our loved one. This has changed the way our family is able to support and love our family and friends and feel like we are actively participating in supporting them.

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