Day 28: Milestones and Perspective!

Day 28: Milestones and what do they mean? Perspective is growth and the ability to stand or step forward changes what you see, how you see it and how you interpret it. How can your Tai Chi change the way you live? How can you expand beyond where you have always been? It is a journey, and Tai Chi is a reward. Happy Easter!

Raspberry, Green Tea and Sharon’s Curry Paste! Amazing and fun!

We hope the Easter Bunny found your house and shared a little love!
Cookies for breakfast…only on Easter morning! Chocoloate has no bounds when the Easter Bunny is involved 🙂

I am guessing Nagymama (my great grandmother) never had an Easter Bonnet so grande! Thank goodness my Stacey storybook brought these silly whims into my life. Happy Easter!

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