Day 27: Set your Compass

Day 27: Imagine what if…Setting your compass before beginning your Tai Chi can direct the kinds of changes you hope to reap from your practice. For example, if you have a stiff ankle, knee or shoulder first thing in the morning. Using your Tai chi knowledge to change how that feels. Or, midday when you are noticing your digestion is sluggish or your tummy is a little upset, then use your Tai Chi to help create a flow and an energy source for the organs to function to their very best. This is your chance to create the results you are looking for. Set your compass and chart your course. Today we will play with what we know to offer the kinds of possibilities you could enjoy from Tai Chi. Happy Easter everyone!

Crystal Labyrinth in Golden, BC (Sept 2015)

It is up to you to set your compass! You can change all the details that hold you in a pattern, you can look around for possibility, and you can create a new pattern and belief. Tai Chi can assist you, and so can other tools in your life! Enjoy setting your compass in a new direction.

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