Scalar Wave Technology

Many people will ask how I work at keeping my energy and vitality as strong as I can. I have several tools that are at my disposal daily. First, I believe we all need to do the work ourselves, which is balancing the energy flow in the body. I do goal setting balances for my body almost daily, and I use Dance and Tai Chi programs to create flow in the body whenever needed, usually at some point in the day. But I also have other tools in my home that support me.

To protect me from Electromagnetic Frequencies that can lower my system, I have a QiFi. This is a little gadget that can clear a 2 km radius around our home and assists with the radiation from cell phones, computers, smart meters, cell towers and more. We refer to this machine as our “happy” box and it is running all the time. We noticed an instant difference in our attention to focus, for calm sleeping, in the health of the plants in the house and outside, and the calmness of our cats (most of the time), and our overall “cheer” despite challenging emotional times. Often referred to as a photobiomodulator, it is short for Quantumfield Inducer. It has 6 special settings to adjust the frequencies that provide the best atmosphere and a fine tuning button to adjust for changes that can happen in the atmosphere or ground.

I also use a Quantum Wave Laser. This wonderful gadget can be used with special probes for red, infrared or violet wave lengths to specific locations on the body or in the biofield. Overall, the laser has the frequencies for red, infrared and violet at once to achieve reaching all depths of tissue in the body. It also has a multitude of settings to coordinate specific challenges in the body. I enjoy keeping the inflammation down on my knees, or relieving the pain in my finger joints when they flare. I love to use the “unwind” protocol to calm my whole system and provide support for the adrenal glands and the stress response in the body. We keep the laser charged and at our finger tips in the living room, so when we decide to relax we can use them right away. We have also used it at bedtime to unwind and relax the body before sleeping. I do have a violet laser that helps with calming emotions and unwinding the memories in the cells from experiences of the day. This can be very good for emotionally charged days, or for creating a wave of release throughout a project or time that can have a little more stress to handle.

I have been asked about the lasers by students and clients, and I have a set that I rent out as well. If this is something of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to send an email with your inquiry and I would be happy to share all that I have learned about scalar wave technology and the value of the cumulative effect of using the lasers, and keeping the QiFi in a home. The Quantum Wave lasers have a new mat they just released that can send waves of calming frequencies up and down the spine in combination with the laser. This is a way to have your own massage from home.

I am attaching a few pictures for you. As well as links for you to take a look. If you do go to the company directly, please let them know that I sent you. My membership number is 771265. Thanks so much for taking a look and seeing if this is a fit for you own family.

Here is an explanation of how everything works and what it can do for you.

The unwinding with lasers website has information to assist. There is also live blood analysis photos as well as before and after photos for scars, inflammation, hair growth, wrinkles and more for those needing information on those areas of wellness.

A picture of the QiFi – the two buttons provide the opportunity to change frequencies based on needs as well as fine tune.

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