Day 12: Tai Chi and Compassion

Day 12: Today is all about compassion. Living as a Tai Chi’er means that we participate in Tai Chi for others and for the opportunity to assist wherever possible. This has been one of the greatest gifts that Tai Chi has awarded me. As a volunteer instructor I am able to reach out to students from my heart with the compassion to assist and share as needed. This is a key piece of wellness for everyone. When we offer compassion we open the energy potential for innate healing in all of us. So, today, let’s do Tai Chi for those around us who need a little boost. For the front line workers who are working under very stressful conditions with risk to their well being, to the people who have contracted the virus, to the families enduring incredible challenges and sacrifices, and to our bodies that are serving us the best they can with the assistance we provide them. Together, all of us need to unite to make the biggest difference. Deepest gratitude to everyone striving to make the difference. For those needing to heal from illness, keep the following phrase in your vision: “I return my cells to their natural state”. Thank you to Lynne Mctaggart for her research to discover the significance of this phrase.

It has been a pure delight to have shared over a quarter century of Tai Chi with my parents. As instructors we have had some incredible practice sessions together, some deep discussions, and some beautiful opportunities with others. Teaching for each others clubs have helped to share ideas and techniques and opened up incredible friendships. Tai Chi has enriched the relationship with my parents in ways I never imagined. Doing the Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series was a true gift.
How will you be able to gift Tai Chi to those in your circle of influence?

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