Day 11: All about Feet!

Day 11: Taking care of Feet! Today we will focus on all the wonderful results that happen from action through the foot. We will begin with the Feet First System Foot Rub, talk about the foot for standing and sitting action, and then play with movements from the third part of the Tai Chi set, Sabre and a little from Lok Hup with the foot walk – an action packed day. Work at your own pace and within your limits. As always, pass this forward to those who can find assistance!

With our storm today we had an interruption in video so there is a part two. You can find it here…

There is so much to learn about the feet and the role they play in our health. This photo is from a practice group day in Touch for Health where we were assessing the flow of energy through the feet. I hope you learned similar items today in the broadcast….if you want to learn more check out Youtube for more ideas….here is the link.

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