Day 13: Emotions and the Spine

Day 13: Emotions and the Spine – Today we will be working with different aspects of the spine and how specific Tai Chi moves can assist with releasing tension and emotions blocked in tight areas of the body. We will explore the Don Yu, Grasp Bird’s Tail, and White Stork spreads Wings in this regard. All of this is in the first 17 moves, as well as throughout the rest of the 108 moves in the set. A little review of some moves at the end of Lok Hup will also be shared. Remember to work at your own pace and limitations. Share far and wide if this is of value to someone else. We are widening the circle of influence, and Tai Chi is being understood a little bit more outside of our class circle. Be Well everyone!

If you have a chance to do something great for someone else, book a date to do Tai Chi together with me online. Can you imagine if everyone was meeting to do Tai Chi and then had something to chat about later? A great discussion that replaces fear with action and friendship. A great way to share compassion as well. So, bring a buddy to class and let’s grow the virtual connection!

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