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Do you know when you get that signal to turn around and you notice something you hadn’t realized was there? Or how about when someone is looking at you, and you know to turn at the same time? Perhaps you have called a friend at the same time that they were calling you. These intuitive times are magical. They are also a sign of our higher consciousness taking action for us without us even really realizing it.

My two guests today are going to share more about how they have developed intuition and how it has guided them during some of their toughest times. Together we are sharing these skills in an upcoming event. We are preparing for the Year of the Green Dragon in 2024, and we want you to be ready and open to the insights your own intuition will be guiding you with.

Marian and I first met at a conference that we were both presenting at. We both were sharing the power of our card decks, and we were right after one another. We reached out and connected because of our mutual interest in art and intuition, and we have continued to develop that relationship by adding my colleague, Tanya Levy. Marian meditates and then paints to receive her intuitive messages. The results of her work have created two card decks full of frequency installations along with affirmations and art.

Tanya Levy and I have been colleagues and collaborators for many years. Tanya is a counsellor at the local community college, and she loves to take photographs and transform them into meaningful messages for others. Her artwork lines our desks, and walls, and is added to jewelry that she also makes. Tanya and I created the Affirmations for the Body and the BioField deck and book together, and that has taken my dissertation work to new heights and discoveries each week since we created the work almost three years ago.

Let’s dive into frequency installations, developing intuition, and following our hearts. For those who are interested in learning more, please join our on November 5th 2023.

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