Goals Lead the Way

Goals and Focus create an energy space for success!

The idea of goal setting or having an intention has been the center of focus for the recent programs that I lead. If you want to get to a destination, you need a road map that indicates how far to get there, and what route to take. In order to have that information you need to know the absolute destination. Often this becomes a to-do list, or a bucket list, or an avoidance exercise because we don’t really know what we want, or how we would want to get there.

Today with Compassionate Living we are going to explore connection with others with the desire to reach out to help, but we are going to go beyond that. We are going to talk about listening to the needs of the other, not our wants for the other. Through this exploration, we can then look at the skills and advantages we may have to achieve the goals they are indicating to us.

Charlene and I have been talking about the Moyo Family in Milawa and what some of their needs have been. Today we explore how hearing their needs and bringing focus and clarity to their situation has provided us with a means to reach out to others who can help. This is an interesting discussion as we move past emergency or urgency decisions to long-term change and collaboration.

We wish to share and acknowledge the support of gracepads.com who recently visited the Moyo family to share the Grace Pad Kits, and to look at sustainable opportunities for the family. This is one special episode to enjoy.




As always, make a cup of tea and relax, and if you haven’t tried the Mission4Change CommuniTEA blend, perhaps order yourself some today. capebretontea.ca

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Are you ready to learn more about goal setting, intentions, following your soul path, or developing intuition?  This is the season for skill development.  Nov 5 with our introduction to centering your intuition!

Celebrating Color, Art, Writing and Movement to find your inner Joy!

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