Healing and Intuition…what do you know?

It is always a delight to share time and insights with Dr. Lori Hops!

Today I am sharing the podcast interview that I did with Dr. Lori Hops on her new show.  It was wonderful to share more about how movement supports well-being and the insights that our body is sharing about its wisdom for our well-being.  To have a listen please visit:



Improve your health with body movement and intuition tips from a dance and complimentary and integrative health educator.

Set goals, trust, and live your dreams by overcoming obstacles.

Gain greater self-awareness and creativity with experts Dr. Michelle Greenwell and Dr. Lori Hops licensed psychologist


Be sure to check out the latest class offerings and workshops with Dr. Michelle Greenwell as she expands your knowledge of the signals coming from your body about the stress it is under.  With simple tips and tools you can be changing your life instantly for more energy and vitality, as well as body systems that are harmonized towards your healing.

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