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Release the Stress and Improve your Life…

Sending a shout-out to Dr. Margaret Winters of for the opportunity to share tips and tools for self-care in her “Digestive Reboot Program”. As much as I know movement to heal the body is powerful, it was an absolute delight to watch the whole group release the tension in

Emotional Freedom Technique with Foot Percussion – who knew?!

What a great morning I had with Joanna Armstrong at BlissyJoy and her wellness podcast. I shared simple tools for at your desk or after a long time sitting in the car or inside. We also explore how EFT works with your feet, just like it does when tapping the

The Radiant Dancer and Dance Teacher with Mariah-Jane Thies

Join Mariah-Jane Thies and Michelle Greenwell as they share the value of Brain Gym and Touch for Health techniques weaved throughout dance training. Their conversation sheds a light on Mariah-Jane’s approach to changing the way dance teachers think about sharing techniques and supporting themselves. This is the YouTube version of

Choose Love Musical – Summer Camp

Lindberg,T_SmrCamp22_ChooseLove_StM PSTR Explore the arts in this very special camp which includes a new Choose Love score. Michelle Greenwell is excited to be a part of the choreography team to bring the musical to life with special activities and opportunities for learning more about theatre, dance, musical explorations and fun!

“Your Movement Habits Create your Life”

The day I met Mariah-Jane Thies, we were at a dance conference and discovered we both hand training in bioenergetic wellness through Brain Gym, Neuroreflex Integration and Touch for Health. Can you imagine such training as a dance teacher? Together we explored what these tools have meant for us in