“Your Movement Habits Create your Life”

The day I met Mariah-Jane Thies, we were at a dance conference and discovered we both hand training in bioenergetic wellness through Brain Gym, Neuroreflex Integration and Touch for Health. Can you imagine such training as a dance teacher? Together we explored what these tools have meant for us in discovering how to move better, stronger, with resiliency and tenderness. I have been following Mariah-Jane’s “Radiant Dance Teacher” posts and marveling at the amazing tools and tips she has been sharing for dancer well-being.

I wanted to share her ideas with you as a way to explore what you consider movement to be for you. The power that you get from moving well and in flow. The fun you have in a class or community for dance, tai chi, sports, walking etc. How does moving and posturing well influence your mood, your life and your excitement for living well? Enjoy the Ted Talk, and I will leave you with this wonderful quote from the 8 min part of her presentation:
“Who we are as movers, that is who we are, how we think, talk, take actions, make decisions, all of it. Everything about us is movement based even when you think you are still, you are still moving…our movement profile creates our life.”
Your Movement Habits Create your Life with Mariah-Jane Thies

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